Thursday, April 2, 2009

One of Those Weeks

Well this week I haven't put the miles I've wanted to, but my schedule has been nuts. Tueday I went to see Jesus Christ Superstar with Ted Neely, it was totally awesome. What an incredible voice he has. Monday I worked, Wednesday was my fundraiser and our of roughly 18 people who comfirmed only 3 showed up (My Mentor and a friend who also ran Team in Training & also someone else whos' running w/TNT). Soooooo, I was very disappointed, I'm not to sure if I even want to go through the entire thing, just to run with LLS. This group I know has supported and helped people I know with Leukemia and Lymphoma but I'm not sure if I want another disappointing turnout. I had some nice stuff that was raffled off and some of the employees even purchased tickets as well. Well we will see. This weekend we have a Talent Show and this year we are doing a food drive to collect food for needy family in our area. Not much of a big turnout on participants, I hope I get a better audiance.

Well I hope next week will be better, my spirits have been kind of down and I haven't been able to run as much as well (and wanting to)

Let you know what I plan to do, maybe I can do another fundraiser and hopefully I will get a better turnout.

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