Thursday, March 26, 2009

What To Do

Well, went to my Endocrinologist visit and had some blood work done. I've been feeling a bit sluggish, but I've been using this energy spray which helps me get through the day, or I'm dead by 3 pm. I made sure this time I would get a copy of my blood work, always good to get a copy. I called his office, to talk about my results, my blood work is showing that my T3 counts are low, but he comments more on my Vitamin A & D which are, low as well, than my T3. If my T3 is slow, that means I'm on a bit sluggish, but the nurse who called me back said my doctor told me this is okay. That's one of reasons why I probably can't take the pounds off I've been wanted too. Not to sure what I'm going to do if my doctor isn't going to help me. I do plan to call my ND tommorrow, I should make an appointment with her. I really need to bring these levels up. I know if I lost at least 5 or 10 lbs it would make a world of a difference in my running. I will try to talk to this doctor again and see what he says since he wanted to treat me with T3 hormone last year, but we will see if he plans to do anything. I've struggled with so many doctors not caring it stinks. Not to sure what to do, my ND is a wonderful doctor, she's been my lifesaver, the only thing is we have only one car, so I will try to get to see her soon I hope.

Some good news, I went to Easter Mountain Sports, there was a girl who worked there who was so incredibly helpful. She's a runner and gave me some good hints. She suggested the type of shoe and inserts I need as well as good hints on running in the hot weather. My 1/2 marathon at the end of June gets pretty warm, I remember from last year doing the 5K it was a hot day. She suggested I get some e-caps. So I plan to take her advice and pick up some a new pair of shoes and inserts as well in May before my race at the end of June.

Lets see how next week goes.


ShirleyPerly said...

Hi Tammy,

That certainly is frustrating when a doc doesn't want to treat something that you feel is important. I hope you can talk to him about your concerns and/or get help from your ND.

And, yes, e-caps (or some other extra electrolyte source) is a great tip when running on hot days. And although it may not be pleasant, just running in the heat whenever you have the opportunity can help too. Your sweat rate and sweat composition changes as you become acclimated to it. Both should help.

CewTwo said...


I always go into my Doctor with 2 lists. They both say the same thing, but I give one to the prep nurse explaining that these are the topics I wish to discuss with the Doctor.

I keep the other list to ensure that we do discuss them!

I absolutely need electrolyte caps when I do long runs (hot or cold). I took 13 during my marathon run. No cramps!