Monday, March 16, 2009

Starting Over

Well, things have been absolutely bonkers and my training totally went down the tubes last week. I put in 4 days, but not enough that I would be happy with. I finally decided to get myself a much needed new pair of running shoes. I decided in Adidas because they made my feet very happy last time, and they haven't been to happy the last month or so. Well today I took them for a test run. Felt great and on top of that, my body did not ache as bad and my legs and back feel better too. I didn't realize what a difference it would make. It's been so tough trying to get out to the store and not having transportation during the day stinks a bit..(we have one car).

I think what's made a difference too is the weather. It's been so beautiful, in the 50's. Perfect weather. I didn't have to wear my winter running gear, my runners coat with a hat and mittens. It's nice to get a break from that cold weather, I think spring has finally arrived.

Although I have to say, I have some good news. I heard from my old trainer, (Winston Jeune) from when I was in Tae Kwon Do. I was so excited to hear from him. He was the teacher who gave me to drive and pushed me and made me think about how I can become better. He's always given me the best advice and has also gave me some new suggestions for my running like taking up yoga. Hearing from him makes me really want to get into martial arts again, but since we are on a budget.., I may have to put that off until finances are a bit better. I was in the best shape I ever was when I took up martial arts, maybe I should apply some of that into my training now.

Well anyway. I hope everyone who is getting spring weather is enjoying every minute of it, I know I am. Happy Training!!!!


ShirleyPerly said...

Hey Tammy, I wouldn't at all say that you're starting over having missed just 4 days of training. Maybe a minor setback, that's all.

And I think you can still practice a lot of MA w/o actually training in a dojo. Many of the principles (patience, perseverance, courage, etc) I use nearly everyday.

Susan said...

You're doing great, Tammy!

There was a 10 MONTH OLD in my mom's group today that was walking. Yikes!