Friday, March 6, 2009

My Fundraising Event and Status of my Training

Well, I finally booked a date Tuesday March 31st to do my Fundraising Event. March 31st at a place called the Black Bear Saloon. in Norwalk. I'll keep folks posted and take lots of photos to post on my blog and my facebook account.

Well my training last week went back wards. I think with my not having enough time to run, and the weather, plus my diet, my mileage went backwards, but this week it's looking better. My body was telling me I needed a bit of break last week. I was really disappointed that I didn't do as well as week before.

I hit the gym twice two days this week and ran 3 days now I have my weekend to run the rest of mileage. the week. Tomorrow I plan to do a long run but I do have to waitress in the evening, so I'm not to sure how long my long run will be hopefully 6 to 7 miles. I have of course, like usual, a ton of stuff to do tomorrow. Working as a waitress and being on my feet gets a bit tough when you do a long run the same day.

My strength and core training is going okay, I wish I had the time to do more and put more time into it, but I see how it has helped me improve my running alot.

Well everyone happy training :D. I don't think I'll be doing any hill training tommorrow... it really kicked my butt the week before. Normal hills is okay for me tommorrow, I don't think there's a flat surface around where I live if I looked.


MarathonChris said...

Sometimes you need the break so don't be so hard on yourself for backing off a bit. You will be more ready to attack the training again.

Just do what you can - you will get in the training you need. The cross training will help!

ShirleyPerly said...

I agree with Chris. In fact, most training programs have so-called step back weeks so you can recover after building up mileage. Few people train continuously trying to do more each week.

Good luck with your FR event!

Vickie said...

Working on your feet is tough when it comes to running. I did it for quite a few years and my mileage went way down. If you run first, your legs and feet hurt the whole time you're working; if you try to run the next day after working, your legs are dead. No easy way except just do what you can.