Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Is It Spring?

What a beautiful day today, in the upper 50's. Weather I've wanted to run in for along time, I actually today ran in a t-shirt. Well, training is going very well. I think that my cross training is a huge key, I didn't realize how important it was to cross train and eat right and how much better I would feel. I try hitting the gym 3 times a week, if not I try to do other cardio and core stuff at home. Plus I plan to take some advice from Shirley.... (more weights and strenghth training)

In regards to eating, I now eat every 2 to 3 hours small meals. I feel like I'm always eating, but at least they are healthy snacks. I've been doing so much better on staying away from meats (chicken, beef & Pork) I really notice the difference. I cook it for my family meat, but I only eat the veggies and rice. I try to make up for my protein through with protein shakes and fish (tuna and white fish) snacks are usually fruit & veggies. I've been staying away from gluten as well.

I'm hoping my timing will start to pick up, I tried a new podrunner mix of 175 bpm and boy it really did a number on me, but if felt great. If I stick to this I know it will improve my time a lot more. My 1/2 in June is going to go well, I've just been spoiled with cooler temps, I hope it's not hot that day. 50's is perfect weather to run in. Time to pick up some Cliff shots and I'm going to try some stuff called Goo for my long runs on the weekends.

Thanks everyone for all your support, even my friends from my online games I play (DDO and LOTR). When I saw Shirleys post of when she was in martial arts, it made me think of how much work and time that I had put into my training when I was in Martial Arts myself. It payed off too, I ended up winning a Silver Medal in the NJ States Championship 1994 for my age and weight. So, I look back and think of how much I pushed myself... well I think that it's time again I do the same. No pain no gain for me.... as I always say when you push, push harder to get to point you want to be at. I can't wait until my 1/2 marathon.


ShirleyPerly said...

Way to go, Tammy!

Surprised to hear how nice it is up there where you are. And, yes, just because you no longer actively training in the martial arts doesn't mean you can't still use your martial arts. The most important lessons I learned had nothing to do with punching or kicking.

Vickie said...

Tammy, it sounds like things are finally turning around for you. Being consistent and patient pays off eventually. And figuring out the eating plan was probably a big key to your success. With the cross training and strength training, you should have a great race in June!