Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Everyone has been so terrific trying to help me with my diet. I wanted to give everyone my updated information on what I can to eat because this list is alot shorter than what I can't eat. I have Celiac Disease and I have a Sulfite allergy. The Celiac is alot easier to live with because there is a ton of food that is gluten free which is wonderful, BUT..... yes there is a but. Most of the gluten free foods I can not have. Most have starches or enriched flours (rice flour, potatoes starch, tapioca and other stuff) and dried fruits as well have sulfites in or on them. If I eat a small amount of any of these foods I get horrible headaches and heart palipitations and my face gets red. I am so highly allergic to sulfites, chewing gum gives me headaches(yep sulfites in that too), most fruits and veggies at the food store have sulfites to preserve them. (I use a veggie wash and buy organic) So to make a very long story short, I'm very limited. This is what I can eat since it's just much easier.

Brown Rice (rice cakes are yummy)
Quinoa (it's yummy)
organic fruites and veggies (no onions or garlic)
Rice cakes :D.
Certain beans(that do not bother me)
olive oil
rice vinegar (sometime that bothers me to)
spices (should by freash)
(Flax Seed bothers me alot but I love it)

I can have most meats but need to cut down fat due to the problem of having cysts. I have a tough time processing fat because of the Celiac Disease. I have two liver cysts as well which I need to cleanse my liver and try to some how shrink the cysts.
So it's pretty much Fish for me


(also fatty, try low fat again because of the liver cysts, my ND wanted me not to have dairy because of the hormones and fat)
Rice milk is great but it's enriched
Organic Almond Milk

So that is pretty much what I can have so being creative it very hard to do. I do not do well with night shade fruits and veggies. (potatoes & oranges) so I use sweet potato & grapefruit.

I do realize I don't eat enough calories in my diet that I should be eating and that's why I feel hungry all the time. I eat a lot of banana's and I take an great iron supplement, w/B12 and folic acid.

I'm not anemic anymore due to my wonderful ND (first time in 6 Years) that's was a huge hurdle I needed to over come. That's has given my my energy back, now I need to try to eat more.

Now all I have to do is get over this cold. Only thing now is for Winter to Go Away and Spring (Oh Spring) I long for warmer temps. I don't like running in 20 degree weather anymore and try to eat more, I think that's the key! Maybe than I'll lose some weight.


ShirleyPerly said...

Darn sulfites!! They seem to be everywhere. Luckily, I'm not too allergic to them (only certain dried fruits and red wines have given me similar reactions).

Great, though, to hear your anemia is no longer a problem. Hope you're over that cold soon!

Vickie said...

Tammy, glad to see you are working some things out on the eating. I'm sure once you get more regulated your energy will be better yet and your running will improve. You have a lot of hurdles to overcome, but I'm sure if you are sincere in trying to conquer this that you will. You may take longer to accomplish your goals, but don't lose sight of them and don't be afraid to change them along the way if necessary. Keep in mind your goals should not be someone else's goals.