Friday, January 23, 2009

Winter Training Isn't So Bad

Well I'm slowly getting use to running in the cold weather. It was really nice today it was in the upper 30's. It is such a nice change from the single digits and teens we've been getting. I did my first run of over 4.50 miles today since my surgery. It was a bit rough for about the first mile and I walked only 3 times for a minute for the entire run. I'm hoping by now it'll get easier for me to do my 3.8 I normally do. The side walks are a bit clearer and the snow started to melt a little today, but it's suppose to get cold again tomorrow and into to next week again. I'm hoping that I will be prepared to do my half marathon in June. I'm really looking forward to it. I'm thinking of ordering some resistance bands, and a exercise ball because I can't always make it to they gym, and just easier to do it at home. I really think working my core will really help improve my running.

And for some reason, I don't seem to be losing any weight. It could be my thyroid, (I only have a small portion of mine) I'm not to feeling tired or run down which is good news which is a big give away when it becomes slow for me. In regards to my diet, I haven't been very good with lately. I'm eating foods I'm not suppose too like foods with gluten and not enough veggies. My ND(Naturopathic Doctor) wanted me to go vegan and gluten free (which I was before but have been bad lately). Needless to say, that doesn't leave me with much variety in my diet. I really need to lower my fat intake and chicken can be fatty and I've been cooking a lot of that lately as well. Just when I though my running was tough, I seem to struggle more with the food I eat more than anything. Wish me luck, I'm attempting to try to go vegan again. (plus gluten)


Vickie said...

You might be having trouble losing weight because you don't eat ENOUGH. Weird as it sounds, you have to eat to spart your metabolism enough to burn calories or else nothing happens. Your running is coming along, and I would think by June you will easily be able to do the half marathon.

ShirleyPerly said...

Good for you getting out there in that cold! I'm sure running will be easier as it gets warmer and by June you'll be ready for your half.

As for the weight loss, do you have access to a sports nutritionist at your gym? It may be not enough calories but it also may be not enough fat in your diet, believe it or not. Also, Desiree Ficker, one of the world's top triathletes, eats a gluten free diet out of necessity and has mentioned before how her dietary restrictions have actually helped her become a better athlete. She has some posts about her diet on her website ( under the nutrition heading if you're ever interested.

Tammy said...

Thanks Shirely & Vickie, you guys are a ton of help. There are some gluten free foods I need to avoid,(mainly starches tapioca, potato, ect ect. they have metabisulfites) which I am highly allergic too. But maybe natural cooked foods will help me, so thanks for the heads up. I'll check out both websites. Thanks for all your help.