Wednesday, September 17, 2008

October 10th

Well October 10th is my big day... a date with the hospital. I'm already counting the days to get back into training. I can't wait to start up again. I'm not to sure if I'll be ready for any runs in January with TNT. Disney is kind of like early January so I don't think 8 weeks is going to be enough time to train. I may end up doing a fall run with them, Fairfield 1/2 where I first saw TNT. I'll probably run a few 5 K's in between, hopefully before winter really starts to kick into gear, but it will give me a ton of time to really train, and cross train. Thanks to all the bloggers who have supported me, it hasn't been easy to come to a complete stop of doing any type of workout, but I'm really looking forward in jumping back into the routine, and keeping you updated on any progress that comes along. Keep up all the great work everyone I'll join you all again shortly.


ShirleyPerly said...

Tammy, I will be thinking about you. The fact that you're already planning ahead on what you'll be doing running-wise is great. I'm sure you'll recover soon and be back better than ever. Good luck!!

Tammy said...

I actually finally got so tired of just laying around, I went for a walk yesterday for the first time since my 20K. I'm so happy I did, I think I'm going to do that until my surgery date. Today has been really rough (pain wise) but I felt good to do something. Thanks for all the encouragement, helps me keep looking ahead

Susan said...

Oh Tammy! Holy moly! I know you'll recover just beautifully. I'll be thinking of you!


P.S. I will be in Little Rock this weekend, and should be able to get your Pray For Elijah band.

Rural Runner E said...

Glad you will get to pick up running again very soon. Just be careful and do not try to do too much too soon. Made that mistake myself and cost me more time on the bence. Good luck