Friday, September 26, 2008

My Elijah Band

I was so excited I opened up my mail box and I received some mail from Susan :D. She sent me my Elijah Band. I'm sooo happy, I can't wait I put it on, fits perfect. I'm so looking foward to my next race. Today I was thinking what I can do that maybe would help me improve my running, and I think my biggest thing is Mortons Neuroma ( A build up of tissue on the nerve) on my foot. I'm still battling if I should get surgery to take it out, or just try the needle to kill the nerve (alcohol injections in the nerve), which I've tried. The nice thing about the shots is that no recovery time, but it's a series of shots (6) in 3 month period of time. Now the surgery is a 6 week recovery, but I won't have to go through the shots again. If I get it done asap, mmm maybe I can recover from both and than I'll be in tip top shape and I won't suffer so much from that stupid pain in my foot. I noticed I use to run with a limp near the end of my runs, because of it. I think it's time to pay a visit to the podiatrist for that as well. As much as I hate the idea of seeing another doctor, I'm going to try the accupuncture first. I tried it the first time around with my stomach problems and boy what a difference. So I'm going to do some research, try natural way first. Have any suggestions anyone.


Tammy said...

Whoot folks got a solution Prolotheraphy, A natural way of healing. I'm gonna go for it, it could help my husband for his neck pain and for my my foot. I was did some research and yes they help for foot pain as well. Wish me luck. :D.

ShirleyPerly said...

Acupuncture is one of those things I've never tried but I never thought it would work for a stomach problems. Interesting!

Good luck deciding about the Mortons Neuroma. Personally, I'd probably have both done at the same time if possible. I hate having downtime.

MarathonChris said...

I agree - doing both at the same time will get it done and over with! Two birds with one stone!

Glad to see the alternative solution. Let us know how it goes!