Sunday, August 10, 2008

Blisters !!!

I had a nice 7 mile run yesterday before my hard heavy hitting training this week. I struggle like no tommorrow. It was one of my group runs, but I ran out of gas so quick. My heart rate is always at a good rate never goes above 160. I can't figure it out... why am I so out of gas. This week was a bit crazy, so starting off a run taking motrin ahead of time isn't a good sign. Than after my run, I look at my foot.... a huge red blister. I never get them. I was kind of shocked, but it wasn't to bad. Than I realized, wait why is my insert sitting by the door. I ran with no sole or insert on my run. Man I must have been tired when I left the house. Not going to do that anymore. Today I don't feel sore just tired, I think my iron levels are in low again, really effects my performance alot. Even with run yesterday my average heart rate was 145, why I burnt out of gas way to quick (even my first mile) Let see how this week goes.


ShirleyPerly said...

Oops! I once pulled my shoe insoles out to dry and forgot to put them back in before running in the shoes. That won't happen again ...

Hope taking extra iron will help!

Susan said...

Perhaps eat more?

Sorry about the blister - those are the worst!