Friday, July 18, 2008

Mixing it Up

This morning I did some biking before I did my run. It was a great warm up before I did my run, but I really felt the difference. The biking seemed a bit tougher but I used different muscles, when I ran, I felt the difference in my legs muscles. It was a quick great work out, I wish I had more time for myself to do a bike ride and a run in the morning. My run went well too, It felt great and very comfortable. Just miss those tough kick butt workouts that you feel great. (thats' why I miss Tae Kwon Do so much) I worked out 6 day's a week 3 hours a day.. and it got me a 2 silver metals for NJ State and a ticket to the Nationals, way back in the day LOL. Tommorrow will be another day.. MY LONG RUN.... we will see if I can go for 9.

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ShirleyPerly said...

How awesome to hear of your TKD achievements. You know, even though I'm not actively training in the martial arts anymore, a lot of what I learned is still very much with me (courage, patience, perseverance, integrity, etc). I'll be that's true with you too. Hope your 9-miler went well!