Saturday, July 12, 2008

1/2 Way

Today was a okay day, I did my first long run of 8 miles.... I can't believe it. I haven't ran 8 miles in 5 years. My run was a bit tough, my legs felt extremely heavy right from the start of my run but really didn't feel warmed up until about my 2nd mile, but I was able to do without stopping. I ran slow but I didn't stop. Hopefully my other crosstraining during the week will beable to help me build other muscles and I'll be working on my shorter runs during the week. Well anyway, it was a good day, only 5 miles away from the 1/2 marathon. Not so bad... I will be ready by Oct for sure. That's it for today, hopefully my next long run will be better


MarathonChris said...

Great job on the 8 mile run!! Your next one will feel better. And way to go running without stopping :-)

You go girl!

ShirleyPerly said...

Hooray! I'm sure that was a good feeling. Hope for many more and thanks for your comment on my Missoula race report!