Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Hi everyone and thank you for all your comments and support. Chris knows of what a struggle it's been for me physically the last few years. Running has helped me take better care of myself lately and keep my hope of running that marathon I've always wanted to do. Knowing I have Celiac Disease (allergy to most grains for accept of corn, rice) changed my life. I may have found I have other food allergies, but I'm not sick like I use too and I don't ache as bad as I use too. My thyroid disease doesn't help either, but I do alot of research and having a very strick diet, helps alot. Although today, I think I have a cold. (got it from my son) LOL I've had alot of ups and downs, I think we all do, I went from running 28 miles a week to none. (Do to surgery on my right foot) (Very Bad) But I'm back at it, and knowing I have to start slowly to get back in the routine. My foot hates me sometimes but it's to be expected. I hope that if anyone has questions about health, I hope Im here to help. When you don't feel good and stressed out, it's time you need to think of taking care of you for a little bit a few times a week. For the first time, my husband told me that I'm finally looking so much better. I don't look tired or stressed out like I use too or my face turning red for no reason or hear me complain about how much I ache so bad I don't want to get up and out. I feel great for the first time in years, it's been years. I have Celiac Disease but it's changed my life for the better finding out I have it. Since I started running again, I'm not to sure how much weight I've lost but I know I've lost quite a bit. Took about a 3 weeks to notice, but it's working. :D yippeee

So, make sure to all out there do your research and someone who is willing to listen (like a good doctor)

Lesson I learned from and ND. (Natural fiber takes toxins out of our body key veggie spinach and dark greens )

I eat veggies w/fruit 3 to 4 times a day sometimes more. veggies veggies veggies w/lots of protein , fish, chicken and certain nuts.

The only carbs I eat are cooked basamati brown rice. w/dinner only.
sometimes my snacks my be a few organic corn chips only a few



MarathonChris said...

And I complain about dieting on the 10 in 10 blog....

It is hard for you to find something to eat that works....and so healthy. Good for you!

Keep up the running (San Antonio here we come!).

ShirleyPerly said...

Good for you!! I'm a major fan of veggies (probably eat 5 servings for dinner!). Great to hear you're feeling good and back to running.