Sunday, May 24, 2009

A Very Tough Week

This week was probably one of tougest weeks I've had. I'm not to sure what more to do. My son was very very sick and I spent most of my day running to doctors and spending in the hospital. I havent' seen my son so sick for so long and was incredibly heart breaking to tell him when they poke you with a needle it's there to help him not hurt him. It wasn't the flu but a mix of two different things, so his body didn't handle the virus to well. He ended up getting stomach virus and also ended up getting a bacterial infection... soooo to make a long story short, it's been almost a whole week of my son still running a tempature, but finally after 5 day's he can at least eat some food and hold down his medicine. I'm not to sure how ready I'll be for my 1/2, my training went right out the door this week. It's been horrible the last two months. I'm hoping I can go for a run tommorrow and start up to see how well I can do. My 1/2 marathon is only 5 weeks away blahh. We will see how the outcome turns out.

I'm just very happy my son is feeling better. That's all that matters, he had a terrible week, and I'm glad he slowly feeling more like himself.

I'm also under a ton of stress one of my fundraiser I had to cancel and the one I've been trying to plan, has been very tough to set a date. Most places don't like running fundraisers on a weekend. I'm so stressed, I made a commiment to do this, I'll let you know this week turns out to be better.

I hope everyone else enjoys their Memorial Day weekend, this has been the most stressfull one of them all for me. I just have to try to look forward and move on.

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ShirleyPerly said...

Tammy, so sorry to hear about your son's illness! Certainly that alone would be incredibly stressful to any parent. Try not to worry about your half marathon. You still have 5 weeks and probably won't have lost much fitness at all in just one week. More likely, you'll be exhausted from dealing with the stress, though. Be patient with yourself, get things in order at home and the rest will fall in place.