Monday, April 20, 2009

Too Long

From left to right.... My Mother-in-law Judy, Father-in-law Eddie, my son Zack, my hubby Hank, Me, and my little guy Nathan.

Well, I went on vacation to Texas thinking that it would have given me a chance to relax and train. Not only did I feel terrible, but I hardly ran but 9 miles last week. I've been a bit down and my energy levels are on the floor. My diet also has been a mess the last few weeks trying to prepare for this trip and going away. I'm hoping I can get back my motivation to get back into my routine again, it's been very difficult.

We visted Houston, TX which the weather was just beautiful. I ran on a treadmill for the first time in months and hated it, so God Bless all those folks that run on treadmills to train.

Anyway we went to church on Sunday and met someone who worked for NASA. We were planning to visit there on Monday, but this wonderful gentleman gave us a great tour. He works in area called the National Bouyancy Laboratory where all astronauts train in their full gear for training for weightlessness. We got an opportunity to get to see the astronauts get dressed. Unfortuntely there was some technical difficulty and were unable to see them enter the water, but it was very very cool. This is the largest training pool. Since the last launch for shuttle and working at the space station in 2010, this facility may be shutting down. I really hope they can keep it open, what a shame to close it down.

We also went to the Houston Zoo and got to see two of the coolest things, an Eagle and Komodo Dragon.

Today I was able to run a 4.2 miles. I ran it nice and easy and didn't stop, which lately I've been struggling with getting through the first mile. It felt great and now I need to focus on putting more time in for my workouts. I've been very depressed on not getting out to run, knowing that's I can catch up again, I feel much better. My energy levels are still the same... I have none at all. I'm not to sure what I can do to bring up my energy levels. My diet improved as soon as I came back... no more meats for me accept fish. I will never go on vacation and eat like that again!


ShirleyPerly said...

I think most people have a hard time with their diets when on travel. Just some of us are more affected than others. But glad you are back to running and eating better. Enjoyed the photos from your trip!!

Vickie said...

Glad you had a good vacation despite the eating issues. I'm pretty sure everyone with special dietary needs gets off track during vacations.

MarathonChris said...

Sometimes we have those ups and downs with our running. Try a Vitamin B supplement if you can - that might help get energy up. Make sure your iron levels are good as well.

And take those nice easy runs.

I also found the 1st mile to be hard sometimes, but after that - a great run!