Friday, December 12, 2008


I was able to make it to the gym this week and had a terrific workout. Boy, I forgot what a great workout you can get there and all the fun equipment they have. I started up with a warm on the the bike, than did abs than some weights and did my 3 mile run. My legs feel good by I really feel the weight work on my upper body. I'm trying to make a decision on if I should get some small equipment at home such as flex bands or one of the big exersize balls to work my core when I can't make it there. I figured if I put in my average 3 miles and my 5 mile runs plus heavy core, when I start to train in the spring it will just make it easier. I was also thinking of some Yoga tapes for the day's I'm stuck home and can't make it to the gym on a rainy raw cold day's. Does anyone have any suggestions on whats good to help build my core and strength?

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MarathonChris said...

Some core stuff I investigated:

100 Pushups - a pushup program
Planks - exercise where you hold your body stiff and straight - strengthening your core.

Some runners do a position called "bird dog" which is also supposed to build core.