Monday, November 17, 2008

Crazy Weekend

Well this weekend had me so busy I didn't get a chance to do anything if I wanted too and today it's cold outside. I had two birthday parties my son was invited and other things I had to do. I forgot how crazy my weekends can get now them I'm back to some what back to my normal schedule. (so looks like early workouts Saturday mornings) Give it up to our bloggers who did a Marathon this weekend way to go. Marathon Chris had a rough start but finished incredibly strong. Shirley crushed one like always.

I've had alot of things to think about this weekend, I heard some terrible news, a co-worker of mine her hubby doesn't have to much time with us. I was pretty upset hearing the news knowing she's staying so strong for him, working really hard and taking care of him with out her feelings getting the best of her. She's an amazing woman and a true hero like her hubby. Her name is Terry... Please keep her in your prayers as she gets through this trying time. I admire her deeply for being the person she is. Also the bummed out news that Marathon Chris had endured before her race even started. I though about her all day and kept up on the live feed. I was sooooo happy when when she finished and so proud of her for doing it. I hope she had a quick recovery. But yet there is one more... my twin was just diagnost with a fast thyroid, now since I have suffered with fast and now slow, I feel her pain. Having a fast thyroid is worse than having a slow one, and I'm so happy my problem has been resolved but being on medication for the rest of my life is no fun. It does some crazy things to your body and hormones.

I thought about how lucky I am feeling the way I do compared to a few months ago, I hope I can give some words of encourangement to all who are down when injured or sick, it does get better and makes us even stronger. I received incredible support from my family, folks from church and bloggers to encourange me to get through this that this is only one battle to get through and I'll be back. My co-worker, I know in my heart that God will give her some peace and get through the toughest time of her life. God Bless her and everyone for staying strong.


ShirleyPerly said...

Well, I don't actually crush them all but a good number of them :-)

What a trooper Chris was to finish her marathon being under the weather and with an ankle injury. And I will keep your co-worker in my thoughts as well as your twin. My brother-in-law is a Hodgkins Disease survivor and a few years back began having problems with a fast thyroid.

Susan said...

Thanks, Tammy. You are too kind!

I am so sorry to hear of your co-worker's news.

Tell us a bit more about a fast thyroid. I, personally, have only heard of a slow thyroid.