Saturday, September 6, 2008

Stand Still

Well my training right now is at a stand still. Last few weeks I've been struggling a bit with pain, thinking I was getting better. But this week I have done a thing but maybe walk about 2 miles because I had too. I just found out recently I have 5 cysts (all on my right side) and an enlarged liver.(mmm so that's why I was in so much pain)
The news has put a stop to my training until I know what my doctors want to do do on Monday. I hope, I can get back into training, if not I may need to even put the Hartford 1/2 on the back burner because I'm not to sure what my doctors want to do yet. ( would really hate to burst any cysts) Well hopefully I'll get some news that will take care of the problem and go full force into my training again. After coming all this way (a 20K) I do hope I can get back to that point, I worked pretty hard. Let you know the news, and if I can do any type of training would make me extremely happy. Unfortuntely, the way I've felt this week, I can't do a thing until they take care of it. Wish me luck on my Monday's appointment. (I'm still going to run something for all those folks out there, so don't worry.) :D I'm not giving up.............I'm going to do this


CewTwo said...


I am so sorry! I was going to ask for miles for last weekend, but I think you've already answered the question.

Good luck to you, you are on my prayer list.

Keep us posted!

ShirleyPerly said...

Hi Tammy,

Major bummer to hear the news. I hope things went OK at the docs today. Think of this as just a bump in the road. You'll get over/around it and be able to go on soon. Will be thinking about you. Take care!