Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Well summer is starting to hit, and now I know what it's like running on a warm day. I seem to run much better early morning (6 am) Today I ran 3.2 and walked 1.6. I figured I would walk my first 1.5 to warm up and finish with running 3.2 (I would have liked to run 4 miles) it went pretty well, but lately I've been extremely tired. Running on a warm day makes things very different and I usually make sure I bring my water with me now more than before.(it will be in the 90's by Friday) Plus, lately my iron levels must be low, I tend to cramp more when my anemia is worse. I would have to say. I'm glad my run worked out, it was a tough but I ran the whole 3.2 miles. I'm super excited about the 5K coming up, it will be a very comfortable run.


MarathonChris said...

Way to go sis! The heat can really drain the energy from you - just hang in there and know that some days will feel great and other days will not feel great - either way you will always be happy you got out there.

As it gets warmer you should try to stick to mornings or wait until just before dark. Much easier that way.

Keep on running!

ShirleyPerly said...

Indeed, Chris & I both know how much harder it is to run in the heat. But it will get a bit easier as your body adapts (your sweat content will change and you will begin sweating sooner to start your natural A/C system going). Running early or later will help a lot too, as Chris mentioned. Great to hear you have a race coming up!