Monday, June 9, 2008

Hot One

Boy today was rough I though I was going to beable to do an easy 3 to 4 mile run, but ended up only being 1.5 run and 2 miles walk. After running 1.5 I felt pretty good but when I started getting heart palipitations I decided it was time to stop and walk the rest. It was brutal, at 10 am in the morning it was already 82 degrees. I figured I'd wait until the end of the week before everything cools down before I do my longer run. If it wasn't for my dentist and my morning running around I could have put in my run much ealier. I also found out that sweating can lower your iron levels even more. So, I've been trying very hard to bring up my levels with an iron supplement (not sulfur based) which has been making me feel more tired and giving me headaches???? I don't understand that one. Red meat is out of the question unless it's organic (very expensive) I reacted so bad the last time I had it. (must be all the hormones and additives) It started closing up my throat. So, I found and alternative... Dark Turkey meat has the same as beef. Finally something I can eat besides veggies 3 to 4 times a day. Well today's high tempature is going to be a good old 95 degrees and tommorrow even hotter. So, anyone from down south I definitely know how you feel now running in hot humid weather...(God Bless You All)

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