Friday, June 13, 2008

Getting Nervous

Well, I'm feeling a bit better since I've been making the effort to get some iron in me. I also found out my levels of A & D are low as well. My ND hooked me up with some potent stuff for myself and my kids for their allergies as well as some tips because of their outside allergies as well as their food allergies. Well my 5K is about roughly a week away and I'm getting very excited. I hopefully will beable to have someone to at least join me, not so much run but in regards to support. Im running a very comfortable 3.2 miles but, my foot really bothered me today especially near the end of my run. I used some new sneakers the past few weeks to break them in. Im not too sure if they could be the inserts. I had to give my good ones to my son (we wear the same size shoe) he lost one. Of course being the mom I am, my kids come first. I have to pick up some new inserts this week and use the sneakers I'm more comfortable with. My spead felt much quicker especially my first mile. I forgot to check my time of course when I got back, but I'm improving.

I've also been thinking alot about all the folks in the Mid West that has been suffering from these devistating storms and floods. I wish, if I could, do a fund raiser, but I don't even know where to start. A running fund raiser would be alot of fun. If you all have some suggestions, please forward them my way. I would love to do something for all those that have lost everything they had.


MarathonChris said...

Wow, I am excited for your 5K coming up, sis!!! Can't wait to see how you do. Make sure you rest up the day before, perhaps two days before to give your foot a break!

Looking forward to that race report!

jazzgirl said...

I'm sorry your foot hurt try bathing it in hot water and ice it then massage it when you can i love you Aunt Tammy tell the boys that there cousin says Hi