Monday, May 19, 2008

A New Week

Well today I still did my 3 miles run, kind of slow but it felt good since I haven't ran since Saturday. I was able to do the whole run and felt pretty comfortable. I really need to start working on my timing. It was little tough since today I had gum surgery and a temp crown put in my mouth. Not fun. I have problems with the Novocain they use since Im allergic to sulfites, they had to use another kind that doesn't last as long. Needless to say, he gave me alot of anastetic. Yes novocaine for dental work has sulfites, they use it to preserve the epinephrine in it. I react horrible when I receive normal novocain, I shake bad and my heart pounds and I get a horrible headache. Well, good news it was a great run and I'm gearing up for a big run this week, over 5 miles. Let see how well I do. My 3 mile took me roughly 40 min or so, long, but it felt good. :D timing will get better I'm sure. Tommorrow will be a better day.


Susan said...

I had a gums surgery in December and it was AWFUL. I had a gingival graft. Ick!

Dirty Dancing Through LIFE said...

Congratulations on getting back into running. I took about 14 year hiatis from running when I was diagnosed with Skin cancer when I was 15. I ran varsity track my freshman year then moved so never started up again. January 5th I ran 6 miles. I haven't stopped since. I ran a half March 1st and have a 5k, another half, a 20 miler and a marathon on the books. I want to wish you many happy, injury free miles! Welcome back to the running club.

MarathonChris said...

Good job on the run today. Don't worry about timing - I think it is best just to get back into the habit of running. Once you are in a routine, you can start to do speed work (tempo and interval runs). Fun, fun!!! :-)

For now - just enjoy it!