Sunday, January 29, 2012

A Whole New Goal

It's been a long time since i've blogged and posted some of goals this year. In January I ran the most incredible race with my sister, the 2012 Disney Marathon Relay. It was the most exciting thing I've ran and I got to do it with my sister. Training is tough because of my crazy hours. I work nights and it's a very physically demanding job. Getting a few hours in the morning and than and hour or so before work has been incredibly hard to adjust. My diet hasn't cooperated with me. Do I eat at night like I do during the day? My day is peoples nights. I can't seem to take the any weight off, which would make a world of a differene. Not to sure what I can do, but I need to focus ahead of what I've always wanted to do since I've been in my 20's... Run a marathon, and I've never been more focused. Running the Disney with my sister inspired me, if that won't be my first one the Hartford just might. Gearing up for another 1/2 a marathon in March. Training has been rough, but I've been training. Well Until next time hopefully will be posting some new pictures of Disney and my new up coming races this year. Happy Running!

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