Thursday, January 1, 2009

A New Year A New Start

Well I've totally slacked off in the last few weeks, I've been so unmotivated to go out and run because of this terrible weather, here are a few pictures. The first one was the on New Years Eve. The second picture was the storm on the 19th the day before going out to visit my mom in PA. That one we got a lot of snow, cold, ice ect.

Of course the side walks aren't shoveled yet and it was still snowing like crazy.

Well I'm hoping with my I can finally try my brand new running coat my twin gave me for Christmas, I can finally start to use it. Here is my new coat :D.

Since today is January 1st, I have decided no excuses my first run will be tommorrow before our next storm tommorrow night. I will let you know how it goes. I'm going to try out my new coat. My next purchase now is new winter tights.
2009 is going to be a fun year, my main goal is to finally complete a 1/2 marathon, my second is my music and the third is my career. I'm looking forward to all my new goals and challenges!!!!

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Susan said...

The idea of running in the snow scares me!

Happy New Year.