Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Health Can Be Challanging

Well went to my ND yesterday, good news, she can help me for my cysts and my Mortons Neuroma (accupuncture). She believes I still need to go for a 2nd opinion for my cysts on my liver. (I have two which bother me). I really didn't want to see another doctor but I'll take her advice, she says I can have them drained, and with a strict Vegan Diet for detox and some of her homepathic remedies, I'll beable to keep them away. She said at least I can wait until after Thanksgiving for going on a Vegan Diet. It's going to be incredibly tough since I'm on strick diet now. It's bad enough I have Celiac Disease (No gluten!!!! wheat,rye,oats,bran, or barley or derivitive of it)which I've learned to live with and I'm allergic to sulifites (which is in a ton of gluten free stuff and on certain fruits and veggies)

So My Diet Will Be:

Almond Milk , Rice Milk
Dark green veggies
all fruit but no (strawberries or grapes Sulfites)
(No corn bread or starches they soak corn in sulfites )
nuts & Seeds (no Peanuts)
potatos (nightshades tend to make me achy so I need limit them)
White fish :D (Tilapia, flounder, ect)
Olive oil only ( no other oils )
Brown Rice, Brown rice pastas
Egg Whites only (protein)

Anyone have any more idea's? I did discover Yucca Bread (Cassava) it's mexican and made from the Yucca plant (not to bad)

Now I have to be more creative than ever...... I mean really creative if you have any ideas please shoot them my way please.

I'm still going try very hard to do this I hope I can stick to it. I need to make myself a diet calender for the day. That will probably help me to let me know what I'm eating.

Food is just as much of a challenge for me like running, (I think the running is way easier than food )


ShirleyPerly said...

Indeed, I'm sure food is more challenging than running. Are soy bean products OK? Growing up, we used to eat a lot of tofu instead of meat. Coffee would be very hard for me to give up too!

Tammy said...

No Soy either :(

MarathonChris said...

Wow, your health IS challenging. I got to hand it to you sis, you have quite a complex routine to live up to. But you are committed and I know you will succeed. How else will we ever run NY?