Friday, August 29, 2008

Something New

Hey folks, well just wanted to post I'm going to attempt to do some running today, let see how it goes, feeling okay. A friend of my husbands friend, Vincent Roland Simone, has made a team to help out folks who have Alzhemiers and Parkinsons Disease. My father, as my blog buddies know, was diagnosed with Parkisons disease very recentely. I think after my 1/2 marathon, this will be my next mission... to help my dad. Here is his sites

Check them out they are very touching, his mother was diagnosed with Alzhemiers Disease and his father with Parkisons Disease, check out his websites (I'm probably should take some tips from this guy :D)

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The Regulars said...

Ciao Tam...
You're the best!
Thanks for giving us such a great shout out.

World up,