Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Pain go Away!!!!!

Well, my body yelled at me on Monday even though I took a break Sunday and Monday. I had this horrible back pain after taking Motrin for something else. Only on my right side, I'm hoping I don't have a gall stone or kidney stone. Not only does my back hurts, but so does my entire right side of my torso. Let see how the results and tests come out to be. Mean while I have to take it a bit easy, what a bummer :( I wanted to do my 20K on Monday. For now I'll walk around like slumped over a few days LOL. At least it will give me a bit of time to plan out my fundraiser a bit more for the Karaoke Night. I'm having it at this place in New Haven called the Playwright right down the street from Yale University. Great place!!!! I hope a lot of people come it's on September 11th, 2008 7-11 pm. *(A Day that no one will ever forget I use to live in Bronx, I remember watching every second on TV when the towers fell, a good friend of my husband died unfortunately. There was ash all over my car a week later from the buildings) Maybe we can have someone dedicate a song for everyone that day :D.

Well, think I'm going to do some biking if I can tomorrow. We will see. Probably need to do my green smoothie detox again, :D. I love my green smoothies.

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MarathonChris said...

Hang in there sis and just take it easy. You will be out there soon! Wish I could be there for karaoke night!

jazzgirl (daughter number 1) says hi!